Comparing Yexian And Cinderella In Grimm's Fairy Tale

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Abstract: There are many folk tales around the world. One of the most popular story is Cinderella. Many people mentioned Cinderella will associate the story which collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. In the 19th century, this story was collected by the bothers Grimm. In Tang dynasty, the story of Cinderella began to spread among the crowd. Then, Duan Chenshi collected this story in his book--Miscellanies of Youyang, and named it as Yexian. There are 1000 years span between Yexian and Cinderella, but there were points of similarity between them. This paper compares the story of Cinderella and the story of Yexian, and explores the cultural differences between the two stories. Keywords: Cinderella; cultural difference; similar plots; folk tale…show more content…
Ancient Greece is composed of numerous islands, surrounded by the sea, which is different from China’s half closed environment. The development of the sea route makes western people begin to develop the commercial economy. Commercial economy with strong liquidity has developed the free-spirit character of the western people. The marine environment has made them dying to fling down the gauntlet and conquer nature. “In terms of attitudes towards nature, western people advocated to distinguish mankind from the gods. They put nature in the opposite position...Western people like challenges and eager to conquer nature. They dare develop new territory and market innovation. It can improve their living environment[[3] 张巧欢.《灰姑娘》与《叶限》文化差异之比较[J].长春师范学院学报:人文社会科学版, 2012, 31(11):108-109.][3].”Cinderella’s her father married a new wife. The Cinderella has become the subject of stepmother and step sisters of torture, in the face of all kinds of unreasonable difficulties, she seemingly obeys fate, but in the prince's party, she seized the opportunity to change her own future, which can be seen Western people daring, from not obey the arrangement of destiny, through their own efforts to improve their living
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