Cinderella Vs. French Cinderella

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Who does not know the story of Cinderella? Cinderella is a mistreated girl who wants to go to a ball but cannot. Later on her wishes are soon granted by her magnificent Fairy God-Mother. Majority of us as Americans known this version of the story, but there are many others of different cultures that have been told. The version of Cinderella that most Americans are familiar with is the French Cinderella. Another type of the Cinderella story I favor is the German Cinderella. Both stories have numerous amounts of similarities and differences. Such as the journey, magical transformations, and cultures details Cinderella deals with/ faces. The French and German versions have similar journeys, different magical transformations, and diverse cultural…show more content…
Cinderella, in the French version, brought to her godmother; a pumpkin, six mice, six lizards, and a rat. All these things helped her get to the ball by the godmother turning the pumpkin into a fine coach, the mice into horses, the lizards into footmen and the rat into a coach man. Yet still dressed in rags Cinderella says “but must I go in these nasty rags?” so with a touch of her wand the godmother turned Cinderella’s rags into cloth of gold and silver beset with jewels. On the other side in the German style Cinderella went to her big and beautiful tree with a white bird high on it that would always grant her wishes. Saying to the tree/bird “shake and quiver, little tree, throw gold and silver down to me” so that she could attend the festival. The bird threw a gold and silver dress with slippers embroidered with silk and silver down to her. Obviously Cinderella didn’t have the same kind of ally in both stories. Also both performed opposite routes to helping her complete her journey. The allies of Cinderella performed different because there divergent things so they would have particular ways of going about stuff and cultural
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