Compare And Disadvantages Of Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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Private Schools Vs. Public Schools Education is the essence of life and the core of the nations’ advancement and flourishment. Majority of the advanced countries have realized that the way for success and promoting its place in the world starts with giving a full priority for the education from the very beginning of the children’s life. School is the place at which child can grasp new skills and knowledge in addition to understanding the principals of socializing. Our children are the men, scientists, politicians of the future, so that we should be interested in bringing them up in the right way so as to achieving a brilliant future of our country. But the first question that may face us in the early education of the child, what is the most suitable for the child, the public schools or the private schools? Actually, it is a hard question to answer. Determining the suitable type of schools for each child depends on many factors including, the physiological state of the child, its readiness for the collective learning and the quality and values provided by both kinds of the schools. From its name, many people may think that “private” schools are better than “public” schools as the public schools are controlled by the governments, but it is not a rule. In the republic of the Philippines –for instance- majority of the people prefer the public schools since it is better than the private counterparts in terms of learning environment and quality of education. In general,

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