Compare Anthem For Doomed Youth And Antiwar Poem

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Antiwar is the main idea of the writers of both two poems. The warfare which caused by human also brings many disasters to the human world. It caused many youngsters’ death and separations of thousands of families. Too many young people died because of the meaningless wars. Even god and belief cannot save their lives, so both two writers writes how terrible the wars are and how big effects the wars can bring to people’s minds. Trying to appeal to stop the wars.

1. In the Anthem for Doomed Youth, it writes that “for those who die as cattle” which means that those youngsters sacrifice in the terrible war too easily. The writer used simile to describe how easy the young soldiers can die like the cattle being sent to the slaughter house and die. Their precious lives of human beings are seemed as the cattle in the battlefield. It’s disrespectful to their lives. The dehumanization of soldiers are suggested by using these kind of words.

“Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles rapid rattle can patter out their hasty orisons” reflects how dangerous and brutal the wars are. The onomatopoeia word is used to describe the heavy gunfire and create the nervous atmosphere about the wars.

“No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells” suggests that even religions cannot save the soldiers’ lives. It presents the bitter irony of the terrible costs and brutal realities of warfare in contrast to the incapability and complex funeral ceremony. Even the largest

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