Compare Beowulf To Modern Day

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Beowulf Vs Modern Day
What is a hero to you? When you think of a hero, do you see a knight in shining armor? Maybe a cape and tights? In the story Beowulf, the hero is a glorified warrior of higher class. Would that still be the case today or is it the same? In Beowulf, the heroic ideals are different from today’s society through actions, and intelligence.
Heroic Ideals are seen in many different forms and actions. Take what a hero can appear to be as an example. The story Beowulf describes a hero as a strong, fearless, kind individual. Today a hero can be the string bean kid who wasn’t picked first in gym class. Even though he is small he can still be mighty. All it takes is the right timing and will to drive someone to do something courageous
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