Compare Boys And Girls And Alma Watson's Speech

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Comparing Boys and Girls and Emma Watson’s speech for her HeForShe campaign Gender is not referred “to sex, but to this set of prescribed behavior,” as said by Marlene Goldman’s “Penning in the Bodies” (Goldman). There are many rules set upon an individual as to what is acceptable and what is not. The short story Boys and Girls by Alice Munro focuses on the implications the narrator had to endure on her journey to womanhood by reason of gender stereotypes. Emma Watson’s speech for the HeForShe campaign targets on abolishing gender inequality. Despite inequity, there is a myriad of comparable traits that are shared by humans which portrays our personality. It is in one's power to decide whether or not to conform to society. Indeed both texts include many similarities and differences such as the stereotypical roles set on each gender, their search for individuality and their desired privileges. While approaching adulthood, many people encounter obstacles which lead their understanding to a fact that gender stereotypes do not only occur for women but, for men as well. The narrator in Boys and Girls discovers the societies’ views and expectations of her. As long as she favored to work with her father, her family members kept her as an outcast. Likewise, her mother tells her to “wait till…show more content…
In Boys and Girls, the narrator realized the excessive expectations set upon her which eventually accepts them. Emma Watson disregarded the stereotypical roles and stood against gender inequality for men and women. One has the ability to determine whether or not to comply with society or to oppose. This is noticed when stereotypical roles were set for male and female, their search for individuality and their desired privileges. Both men and women should be able to live freely without anyone besmirching
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