Compare Burton And Carroll's 'Alice In Wonderland'

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Alice is considered a feminist heroine because she manages to break the rules from society, like getting married or being told what to do. She rejects the female expectations and becomes a strong, confident and independent woman. We can see that Alice is oppressed, for example, when dancing with Hamish, she is delighted by her “visions” and he told her to “keep her visions to herself” or “when in doubt remain silent”. Alice has an “inner voice” that asks her for freedom and liberation. What stereotypes can you identify in this version? -The heroine: Alice is the heroine because she fights against the Jabberwocky and gives the throne back to the White Queen. -The maiden: The White Queen is the maiden because she has vowed not to harm living creatures. -The Wise man: Absolem, the Caterpillar. Absolem is always present and helps Alice to…show more content…
What is Alice’s quest? Alice’s quest is to find her inner strength and rediscover herself. 10) Tone: Compare Burton and Carroll. Do you think that the tone is the same? 11)Use your own words to contextualize and explain these quotes: a- Alice is the wrong Alice: This means that the creatures of Wonderland don’t recognise her as the Alice who has fought for them. This Alice has grown up; she is not the girl who has had those recurrent dreams. She is an adult now and her body isn’t the same. Even she seems to have lost her “muchness”. b- It wasn’t a dream, it’s memory: Alice understands that “Underland “is a real place, it’s not fantasy as she has thought. In the film, we can see that she pinches herself so as to wake up but it doesn’t work. Besides, when she returns to the “real world” she still has a wound in her arm. c. It’s far better to be feared than loved: The Red Queen wants to remain as a powerful and cruel woman, she isn’t interested in love. She sees the violence and fight as a way of resolving problems. (no se bien si es
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