Compare Christopher Columbus And Bartolome De Las Casas

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In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We all know this catchy tune right? But what we don’t know, is what Columbus thought when he arrived in the North America or what he though of the Native Americans he met. In fact, we don’t know much about all the explorers after Columbus and what they thought. Each explore had their own view of the Native Americans, and three great examples are Columbus, Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda and Bartolomé de Las Casas
When Christopher Columbus saw the Native Americans, he knew right away that they were gullible but smart people. Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator and explorer. He was sponsored by the Spanish monarchy. He made 4 trips to the New World and his first trip was in 1492.Then New
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Las Casas was a historian who later became a Bishop. He believed that the Indians shouldn't just be conquered but should have a chance of fighting the Europeans first. He traveled to North America in 1550. When Las Casas first came to the New World, he noticed that even though the Indians lacked art and writing, they had the the capacity to rule(pg.9). The Indians had kingdoms, cities and communities that were governed well and wisely because they followed the laws and customs of the Indians(pg.9). Las Casas wrote down how not all barbarians were vicious creatures, and there are barbarians who have legitimate government. As Las Casas watched the Indians, he concluded that the Indianans weren't barbaric, nor were they stupid,or dull(pg.9). They were in fact very easy to teach and they were willing to learn the Christian religion(pg.9). They were very talented in learning liberal sins and they would accept honor and repent their sins(pg.9). Las Casas saw that they were skilled in mechanical arts, and that they could produce beautiful and graceful needlework, architecture and paintings(pg.9). Las Casas, believed that instead of just conquering the Indians, they should have a chance to defend themselves. "Hence every nation[s], no matter how barbaric, has the right to defend itself... And take away its…show more content…
It showed how different the Europeans where from the Natives and how they they all had different opinions on the Natives. Columbus thought the Indians were gullible and lost people who could be persuaded into doing anything, like changing to Christianity. Sepúlveda thought the Indians were down right Barbarians who enjoyed ripping out human hearts and sacrificing them to God. On the other hand, Las Casas saw talent in the Native Americans and saw they weren't a stupid as they seemed. We wouldn't have this information if explorers like Columbus didn't write journey and books of their experience. It's important to historians because they can learn about life before the pilgrims. Maybe the Egyptians weren't the first ones to make pyramids? Maybe it was the Indians, were may never know, or we can study and explorer the journals and diaries of these famous
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