Daffodils And Love After Love Analysis

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Emma Davis
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How do Wordsworth and Walcott present the theme of loneliness through imagery in Daffodils and Love After Love?
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21st November 2014

How do Wordsworth and Walcott present the theme of loneliness with imagery in Daffodils and Love After Love?

Daffodils depicts the narrator feeling happy whilst in the company of daffodils. At the deepest level, Wordsworth uses imagery to explore the themes of loneliness and the profound pleasure nature can bring. As a prominent figure in the Romantic era, Wordsworth’s poem is expressed in plain English highlighting the free expression of the movement. While Love After Love is about dealing with the end of a relationship and how to help one’s self live a better life, written in a second-person perspective akin to the style of a self help book. At the deepest
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Wordsworth begins his poem with “I wandered as lonely as a cloud”, explicitly referring to the major theme in his work. Not only does Wordsworth begin with a simile to present the theme, but also the poet introduces to the reader how an external force—in this case, nature—will help a lonely person in the “bliss of solitude”. It also implies that loneliness is not something worth of panic, but of enjoyment, congruous with how one feels about daffodils. In comparison, Walcott focuses on using one’s self to help loneliness, focusing on recovering from an ended relationship, which is implied with “for another, who knows your heart”. The emotional juxtaposition from being loved to not is akin to feeling alone, as the lack of love could mean lack of inclusion. A recovery from this is written in the beginning of the poem, with Walcott saying that the ending result should be how “with elation / you will greet yourself at the
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