Compare Hitler And Stalin's Forced Genocide

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Two Human disasters— Nazi Holocaust and
Wang ii Stalin’s Forced Famine

Introduction 20th century was a very turbulent time. During that time, a lot of famous genocides happened. It is very important and educational for us to learn some of these genocides and take these history as a mirror. In this article I will compare and contract Nazi Holocaust with Stalin’s Forced Famine from several aspects.
Similar Leaders Sometimes the leader of the event can make a huge impaction on that event. As both of these genocides are very inhuman, it is reasonable for the leaders of them have a lot of similarities. Firstly, both of them have strong personalities and were good at used brainwashing to make most of their citizens not only followed
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Different Reasons & Purpose First of all, in order to understand the reasons of an events, we should know its background first. The background of Stalin’s Forced Famine is that Ukraine obstructed a lot of policies which central government made and wanted to separate itself from the Soviet Union(Marples 506) However, the background of Nazi Holocaust is that almost all aspects of Germany were suffering from the unfairness which caused by Versailles Treaty after the First World War and people couldn't see any future of themselves or their country at that time(Diehl 182). Then, as the background of these two disasters are different, their purpose are also different. In the light of ” the fact that Ukrainian officials informed Moscow of the situation in Ukraine and theStalin’s letter to Kaganovich of 11 August 1932 that outlined his suspicions of the Ukrainian peasantry and his fear of 'losing Ukraine’”(Marples 506), we can infer that Stalin was afraid that Scotchman were not faithful to the central government and consequently he carried out some actions, Forced Famine, to both control and to punish the
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