Compare Hobbes And Classical Liberalism

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Thinkers Beliefs How their ideas were radical at that time How their ideas are related to classical liberalism Hobbes His belief was that the reason why humans have so many problems is because of their greed to protect only themselves. And monarchy was always more interested in helping those who benefitted them in return. He believed that a fair executor who would use his authority to stop humans from harming others is needed. His ideas were viewed radical at that time because state had less power and monarchy had all of it, it was times of war where weak people would get killed if they did not listen to wealthier class. His ideas in my opinion are like the base of foundation of classical liberalism as him and his peers were the some of the first people to research the “state of nature”” of people which made many of his successors want to do more for the cause. Locke He believed that no one’s life should be controlled by anyone but themselves, believed that people have right to preserve their life as they want to and This was the time when government and monarchy had full control over any type of property of people and also controlled people as slaves; they were the only ones living a free life while making others…show more content…
He knew that colonization was a bad business model practically and ethically. In times of colonization, he worked for a trade company of India and British empire wanted to take control of it at that time. His ideas strictly stood against colonization and war among countries. His ideas relate to classical liberalism as in his times people believed that the social responsibility is to benefit the society even if it means sacrificing an individual, and mill believed that this responsibility is holding too much power over people and leading them to a bad
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