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Research Question: Compare how the Bergen-Belsen camp stands out related to others

The Bergen-Belsen camp is a camp for prisoners from French and Belgium, and the camp was cleaned up real nice and they were not forced to do anything. This camp did not make anyone do anything like cleaning, cooking, or anything like that. The camp was very cleaned up and nice, it was a helpful camp to the prisoners. This was NOT a death camp but many people died because of sickliness this camp also held sick people. In all this camp was very complex and pleasing to the prisoners or sicklings staying in it.
Why was the camp complex? One is was complex because it had numerous camps you could go to when staying at the camp. The Prisoner of War Camp it held more
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The sick Jews did not get took care of very well most of the people died that were in the nursing stations. The bergen belsen camp was the first actually decent camp It did not make you do any labour when all the other camps made you do stuff. Other camps had jobs you had to do but Bergen-Belsen camp had jobs that you could do you don’t have to do them tho. Bergen belsen camp had people dying left and right when at other camps this was not happening and this is when they started making the prisoners do jobs to make there blood flow. The highest amount of people dying a day at the camp was 1,500 people due to not have any blood flowing because they were sitting all the time. Also some people were killed while stepping out of line but that happened at all the camps they were killed because of stepping out of line or mouthing the guards. The Bergen-Belsen Camp has Postwar trials and other camps do not have trails.
The bergen belsen camp is one of the best camps in the holocaust time period it had many things that other camps did not. The camp had three different camps in the other camp it was a very complex camp compared to the other camps. The Bergen Belsen camp did not force labour it allowed you to pick your job until things started getting bad around the camp. This camp had more prisoners than all the other camp’s and this camp had good food and was cleaned up very nice compared to

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