Compare Julius Caesar And Malcolm X

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For my comparison essay, I chose to compare Julius Caesar with Malcolm X. I chose Malcolm X because I do not know much about him. I hope researching and writing this essay will help me to learn more about him. Julius Caesar was bornin Rome in July 100 BC as Gaius Julius Caesar. Despite being born to a very powerful father and into a family that claimed to be descendants of Gods, Caesar lived an ordinary life, however, little is known about his childhood. His father died in 85 BC and he became the head of the family. In 84 BC he was appointed High Priest of Jupiter and he married Cornelia Cinna, daughter of Lucius Cornelius Cinna. Julius and Cornelia welcomed their daughter Julia into the world in 83 BC. After being stripped of High Priesthood and going into hiding in 81 BC for refusing to divorce his wife, Caesar joined the Roman Army in 81 BC at the Siege of Mytilene. Due to his bravery during the siege, Caesar was awarded the Civic Crown. After returning to Rome in 77 BC he became a lawyer and made a name for himself for the way he attacked and defended in court. One day in 75 BC while traveling to learn about public speaking, Caesar was captured by pirates, but was released a month later. After his release he gathered a fleet and sought out and executed the very pirates that captured him. Soon he had his own army and was ready to take part in the Third Mithridatic War. Caesar climbed the political ladder with much success. In the coming years he would make numerous public
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