Compare Macbeth The Lion King And Beauty And The Beast

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Macbeth, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast
In a lot of ways most everyone can say they want to be the one with the power, but wouldn’t be a crazy physco that would kill in order to get it. In one particular story the main character Macbeth would do just about anything to gain the power that him and his wife strived for him to have. 5-6 murders and a suicidal wife later and witches that think they know what’s best and Macbeth still isn’t one with all the power. In many movies we know and love today hold parts and scenes similar to those of the story of Macbeth. Two movies in particular came to mind when thinking of movies to compare to Macbeth, The Lion King and The Beauty and the Beast. Killing in order to have power and towns full of people coming after you is ways these stories are more alike then what’s on the surface.
Macbeth is a story told in 1040-1057 when Macbeth reigned over Scotland after killing off multiple people in order to gain power. Throughout the story Macbeth shows many sides of himself along with his wife. Desperate for power they would do anything in order to gain it. Macbeth first kills off Macdonwald placing himself with the power of Thane of Cawdor when he was hoping for successor of the king. The new successor of the king was his Son Malcolm. Macduff goes out on a rager and kills Duncan because he wasn’t granted successor and when Duncan’s sons gets wind their father was murdered they leave before they are next to be killed. While thinking

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