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Buddha was a founder of religion, but Mahavira was only a reformer. Mahavira was a reformer of Jainism, but Buddha was the one who started Buddism. The main goal of Buddha is to gain enlightenment but, the main goal of Mahavira are based on non-violence and liberation of soul. Mahavira and Buddha were sometimes similar and sometimes they are different too, but both of them want to teach and can teach people to become a good one by using the different lesson. Mahavira was born on Chaitra Sud 13 at Vaishali. When Mahavira was 30, he left his home to chase the way to become spiritual awakening. Mahavira died at the age of 72 around 425 BC. The word “Mahavira” means the great hero or the great one. Buddha was born at Lumbini, Shakya Republic around…show more content…
The the clergy of the two religion are called monks and nuns. As we can see in the second and third paragraph. Both of Buddha and Mahavira will be worship in temples. Jainism and Buddhism also origin in India. When I was researching about Mahavira and Buddha, I found out that Jainism and Buddhism have very similar picture and statue. In my opinion, if I am not studying about both of Jainism and Buddhism. I will not be able to see what is the different between these two religion. Eventhough I did a research when I am writing this essay, but sometime I cannot seperate the statue of Buddism and Jainism because they were very similar. In Jainism and Buddhism, both of the men can become monks and women can also become a nuns. Both of Jainism and Buddhism have no gender bias.Here are some example of the holiday in Jainsim and Buddhism. Buddhism will have a holidays called: Kasone Full Moon day, Waso Full moon day and etc. Jainism will have a holiday call Paryusahn festival. As we can see, different religion will have different way to called their festival. They also believe in different thing and following different thing or person. Eventhough, both of the religion have many different thing, but I am sure that all of the religion want to teach and make people to be a good…show more content…
Before I attend in Values class, I know only about a few religion and surely one of the religion that I know was Buddhism. It is because my family were belive and respect in Buddhism religion and before I transfer to Ekamai International School. I was study in the Christainity school so I have no idea about Jainism, but after I learnt Jainism lesson. I know what Jainism is and who was Mahavira. After this essay, I am sure that I will learn, understand and find out more about Jainism and Buddhism. I also learnt that both of Jainism and Buddhism have similar thing and dissimilar

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