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I've always admired Martin Luther King Jr. Early in life, I learned that he fought for the rights of, not only me but, my friends and family. Life in the America wasn't always like it is now. At a young age I understood how he transformed the landscape of America and gave more meaning to the term “equality”. He benefited society in unimaginable ways. It's difficult to imagine because we live in the society he dreamed of. He is my hero. More recently, though, I've had time to consider how and what people have changed to improve me and society.


Although of an unfamiliar name, Jonas Salk is a hero. Responsible for the creation and development of the polio vaccination, he saved millions of children's lives. Granting all this, I discovered that Salk had
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and Jonas Salk benefited society in extraordinary ways, respectively. But, their approaches were distant from each other regardless of the things they attempted to change. To be more clear, King and Salk had this idea of “changing the world” and they happened to do it in contrasting ways and in distinct field; but, they succeeded. They reshaped and even developed society because of these notions. In modern day we don't see anyone with polio, at least in the states; and, if we wander outside or through the halls, the very thing that unites us is diversity. Both of them had incredible achievements. King’s admirable approach to reach social equality lied in his peaceful protests and his motive to not use violence by any means. He was successful; he is a hero. Salk on the other hand, experimented and used test vaccinations, that could've been dangerous, on his children. To achieve his goal he had to do something no one would ever think of doing, unless if it were for the greater good. Now, he is lamented in books and credited as a man who's saved millions and still is saving millions of lives. He was successful; he is a hero...a twisted
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