Compare Nwoye's Conversion To Christianity

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Nwoye has converted towards Christianity from his traditional belief due to several events and circumstances in his life. The reasons for his conversion is being his fear for: his father, the gods for Igbo culture, the Igbo customs and beliefs.Nwoye has always preferred the peaceful stories of his mother;her stories made him happy. His father has always seen Unoka in him so his father had hated him, Okonkwo wanted Nwoye to be "manly"; he wanted Nwoye to be violent, aggressive, and show his superiority to females. He also feels that he spiritually belongs in the Christian family. Nwoye saw a God who he did not have to fear in Christianity; he saw a tradition where he was not accepted to be violent and aggressive, He say hope to live the way he wanted in this new tradition. He also found hope through the time he as spent there. When Nwoye and his family was in exile, he first heard the poetic prayer the Christians were making. He was fascinated by these poetic prayers and was the reason he first entered the church. The strong influence of fear from the Igbo culture was the strongest force for attraction from the Christianity that made Nwoye concert. They liked him because they were friendly and free to do anything. He also says " If we leave our gods to follow your gods" this tells us how tempted he is towards the Christian the the igbo gods. He also convicted because the…show more content…
Nwoye didn't feel comfortable near his father but feared. He says that hope and compassion in Mr.Brown, was their main circumstances that caused Nwoye to convert as he seemed compassionate. The new God was to be feared but loved and Nwoye was not forced to listen to violent stories but ones about peace and the kingdom of God; this slowly influenced him to convert to Christianity. While the stories in the igbo was fearful and terrifying. But,there were mostly about
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