Similarities Between O Brother Where Art Thou And The Odyssey

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There are many themes in both O Brother where Art Thou and the Odyssey which seem to be strongly similar. Many similarities between the characters and their actions surface through their actions. In my essay I will not only compare and contrast the most important elements of the mentioned works, but will also discuss the importance of heroic figures and the less favored themes, such as revenge and foolish fearlessness. It is important to note that both works are taken place during hard times. Odysseus’ journey is dated around 1200 BCE, or the ‘Dark Age’. Also, O Brother Where Art Thou is showing the elements of the Great Depression. Without the knowledge of time and space one cannot take any conclusions on either works. The Dark Age was the time of big changes, and the laying of …show more content…

When they finally got free Odysseus was driven by his ego and he wanted revenge on the Cyclops and did not care that he endangered his men’s lives. The serious issue here is Odysseus’ hunger for revenge, to pursue glory and his ego. He did not care about his men, all he wanted is to achieve his goals. Similar to Everett; all he cared about were money, his ego, and whatever else he could benefit from. Everett was also less careful around Big Dan, because he was in hope for some good business. Also, I think it 's important to note the similarities between Odysseus and Big Dan too. Both men are pursuing what they think are the best for them, and often act carelessly, not afraid of the consequences. Although the most popular comparison is Big Dan compared to the Cyclops, due to the mentioned undebatable resemblances (size, one-eyed, angry, aggressive), in my opinion there are many features to compare and contrast Big Dan and Odysseus. The men in these works are often labeled as heroic figures, however, it could be important to point out what does this term actually mean. A heroic figure is “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble

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