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Introduction: The Two Buildings; Parthenon in Athens and Pantheon in Rome are both classical heritage of the former world powers. Both buildings were temple built and dedicated to the gods of Athens and Romans. The excellent strength and the durability of these temples are unimaginable. Going by the length of time that these buildings have been in existence, one cannot but admires the brilliance of the ancient Greek and Roman architects for such excellent edifices that have outlived many generations, and yet remain a symbol of ancient Greek and Roman history. In this piece of work, it is essential to compare the two buildings while systematically considering their similarities and differences that have memorialized their existence until now. Similarities between Parthenon and Pantheon The Parthenon building in Athens was built and dedicated to the goddess Athena while the Pantheon was also built and similarly dedicated to all the gods of the Romans; hence they are referred to as temples. Furthermore, both buildings were used for public events when such need arises. The Parthenon and Pantheon are both ancient buildings and have strong big columns holding the building as well as serving as decorative pillars. Similarly, the Parthenon and Pantheon were high rising buildings which are typical of a classical …show more content…

through 432 B.C while that of Pantheon was constructed much later in 126AD. The difference in the time of construction suggests the reason Pantheon building is looking more recent than the Parthenon building. The Parthenon building is located in Athens while Pantheon is located in Rome. The Column pillars of Parthenon was made of Doric and ironic order while Pantheon was built with Corinthians columns. Granite columns used in the Pantheon building were actually quarried in Egypt while the columns of Parthenon building were constructed in Athens with all the sculptural work of art (Moore, 2004; Silverman,

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