Romeo And Juliet Compare And Contrast Pyramus And Thisbe

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Shakespeare based the poem “Romeo and Juliet” on the poem “Pyramus and Thisbe”. As you could imagine, these stories are very similar, but do contain some differences. These stories are about two teenagers that try to go against their family’s wishes and see each other. But, in the end Pyramus, Romeo, Thisbe, and Juliet kill themselves because of their unfortunate circumstances. Having “Romeo and Juliet” being written based on the ideas of the poem “Pyramus and Thisbe” implies that there will be many characteristics belonging the plot, conflicts, and characters that will be alike and different.In many ways Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe are very similar within the plot, conflicts and characters. In both stories, the plot/characters follow a very similar structure.…show more content…
The parents’ rivalries caused the lovers to speak in secret and eventually get married in secret. They also planned to run away together, but in the end, both Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe died because they thought with their hearts rather than their heads. Both men were under the impression that their loves have died and overwhelmed with grief, they both killed themselves. In addition, the parents of the star-crossed lovers had tension. Due to the conflicts, the children (Romeo and Juliet// Pyramus and Thisbe) got married. In direct comparison, Romeo and Pyramus both are young and in love and met with their beloveds in the secret of the night. Overwhelmed with grief, Juliet and Thisbe kill themselves in the end after seeing Romeo and Pyramus dead. The conflicts leading up to these tragedies are also very much alike. As previously mentioned, the couples decided to
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