Compare Romeo And Juliet And The Fault In Our Stars

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While watching Romeo and Juliet and The Fault In Our Stars, I could not help but notice the parallel action of the two movies. In the same way, both stories end in tragedy like the main couple’s of the stories end up in tragic. In the meantime, Romeo and Juliet are torn because of a rivalry between two families.

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most central concepts of William Shakespeare. Whereas Romeo and Juliet both fallen in love quickly during the masquerade and feast. Where Romeo try to sneak in the feast of his family’s enemy Capulet just to move-on to the girl that he is deeply in love, a woman who does not return his affections. Meanwhile, Romeo sees Juliet from the distance entering the entranced and instantly he falls in love with Juliet and he forget all about Rosaline. Unlike the movie “The Fault In Our Stars” Hazel felt hesitant about Augustus at first. However, Hazel’s parent force her to go cancer support group and to deal with her depression, yet she never knew that just after the support group meeting is done, she met Augustus Waters with cancer and has only one leg. In a similar fashion, Romeo and Juliet met and they adored quickly. Romeo came to visit Juliet to spend time only a little bit after they met, they kissed without knowing their names. In comparison of The Fault In Our Star, After Augustus met Hazel. Augustus tells her to come to his house to watch movie, despite the fact, that Augustus parents is jubilant to know about their friendship. I
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