Compare Satanstoe And The Mighty Burke

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On Industrialization and Urbanization – Comparing ‘Satanstoe’ and ‘The Mighty Burke’ ‘Satanstoe’ is set in the early 1900s, while ‘The Mighty Burke’ is set in the late 1900s. Looking at these two stories, we can see that there has been some development going on between the early and late twentieth century. I will describe shortly how the Bronx is described in ‘Satanstoe‘ (it will be used as a representation of the Bronx) and how it looked like in the time of ‚The Mighty Burke‘. I will not give some background information about Urbanization and Industrialization in general, for ‘The Mighty Burke’ gives enough information about it; additionally the place here is too restricted to write all this. Finally I will contrast 'Satanstoe ' and 'The Mighty Burke ' to show how the topics of Urbanization and Industrialization are presented there. Satanstoe ‘Satanstoe’ is a story about a peninsula Satanstoe, which lies in Westchester, which again is part of the Bronx. It is well described how Satanstoe looked like: a lot of farmland, a couple of small, but stable buildings made of stone, and it lies directly at the sea (7-9). But it is also mentioned that outside of Satanstoe, it looked different: “We happened to be in a part of Westchester in which were none of the very large estates” (9), which implicates that outside of Satanstoe there were houses much larger than the ones on the peninsula. But it is still safe to assume that there were not that many buildings in the Bronx overall,

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