How Did George Washington Contribute To The American Revolution

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George Washington leadership definitely contributed to the success of the American Revolution. George Washington demonstrated bravery, humility, intelligence, and sacrifice to his soldiers during the American Revolution. Washington showed his intelligence and strategy skills in both successful surprise attacks on the British in Trenton, New Jersey and Princeton, New Jersey. During the surprise attack in Princeton, Washington displayed bravery to his men by riding into the midst of battle and them to victory. Washington earned respect from his men by showing humility and sacrifice when he chose to live in harsh conditions with his soldiers instead of his person quarters. Also, during the American Revolution, smallpox was spreading all over North America, so Washington made a critical decision by inoculating the troops. During that time, inoculation was a very difficult treatment, but Washington took the risk and ordered the first ever mass inoculation of military troops. After the mass inoculation, every recruit who joined the Continental Army had to be inoculated against smallpox. George Washington decision to inoculate his troops contributed to the victory of the Revolutionary War.

The British were not familiar with America’s terrain, which was an advantage for the Continentals …show more content…

The British allies – the Hessians –had little commitment to victory, which was a major disadvantage for the British since the Hessian soldiers weren’t motivated like the colonists. Hessians were mercenaries, which means they were fighting for pay. Colonists were fighting for American independence and much more. Colonists were sometimes hopeless and depressed, but after winning a battle or reading something inspiring, they were motivated to win. For example, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet American Crisis gave hope to weary soldiers and gave them strength for what was to come

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