Cost Of Space Exploration Essay

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Comparing the cost of space exploration against the investment made in human well being
Comparing the cost of space exploration, to what extent is it ethnically correct to the expenses made on earth
To what extent are the benefits of space exploration worth the cost?

Space exploration, we all hear about it, we all know about it, and we all are intrigued by it. But we don 't really know all of the implications it needs to be performed. It all starts with an initial idea, with a theory to be proved, but all the steps that follow, are part of an interdisciplinary huge effort, some times, to decide at the very end that it was not relevant and useful, but sometimes, it can change the course of our knowledge.
Space exploration is
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Like for instance scientists, control rooms, workers, rehearsals and preparations, experiments, schedules, income, expenses, etcetera. On this last topic, lies one of the biggest issues, for money allows the project to be real or bans it form happening, even though, we never even think about when we hear of successful stories of space missions.
Space explorations is one of the most expensive branches of science, having a budget around 17.5 billion dollars in 2015 only for the US, according to NASA.
So is all the money spent really worth studying uninhabitable space, or only to prove if life on earth began with a meteorite crashing on the earth´s atmosphere-less surface? Or should we spend the money on earth itself, where we live and see daily people starve, lack education and health services, suffer war and conflict?
It has always been in human nature, the curiosity to discover what is beyond our world and beyond our galaxy. To find out where do we come from and where are we heading. To discover other forms of life and to untangle the mystery of our existence. Is it moral though, to spend such a huge amount of money seeing our own world as it is; is it ethic to discover an unknown universe before solving our own earthly problems and helping it survive our ecological
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