Compare The Differences Between Empiricism And Materialism

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Q-1) Compare the differences between idealism and materialism.
A- Idealism: It is defining the realty in the mind, anything in it is exist based on the activity on our mind. for Example: music is not just a sound it’s also an emotional action [1].

B- Materialism: It’s assert only on physical stuffs also on corporation and minds. Totally outstanding to the active operating of materials. for Example: music is just vibration in the air [1].

Q-2) what do you understand from epistemology? Discuss empiricism and rationalism.
Epistemology: It is knowledge idea, depending on the used methods and its validation.
It has two types:
1- Empiricism: Increase your knowledge by visual actions.
2- Rationalism: Increase your knowledge by thinking [1].

Q-3) what do you understand from hypothetic-deductive method? Explain the meaning of scientific method.
Hypothetic-deductive method: mixing between deductive and inductive methods to and of process of:
1- Explanation of a problem.
2- Creating a hypothesis from conclusion(observation).
3- Implications their chart by created by deduction.
4- Testing theoretical or practical of the hypotheses.
5- The result can be rejected or refunded [1].

Explanation of scientific methods: combining deductive and inductive reasoning and experience together. Which mean foundation of the new scientific research, and it is also generally assigned as a scientific method [1].

Q-4) induction is a scientific activity. Which kinds of

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