Summary: Comparing The Holocaust And The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

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How dehumanizing violence is: comparing the Holocaust and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution


Of outbreaks of violence that survived into historical records, Germany’s Holocaust and China’s Cultural Revolution were the most talked about and heavily studied. They are poignant reminders of human’s capacity for destruction. How are the two alike? And how do they differ? The eassay below inquired into this thesis and helped unearth the conditions that provided fertile soil and generated momentum for these atrocities.

-the Events’ Backgrounds

A primary difference between the extreme brutalities was that the Holocaust took place after entering to WWII and the Cultural Revolution after what occurred to be internal crises.
The Nazi Germany had been preparing itself for all-out aggression against Europe, from Hitler’s Mein Kampf to his declaration as the Fuhrer, and from reoccupation of the Rhineland to expansions into the Austria and entire Czechoslovakia. At its core, Hitlerism ushered in an era of ethnic cleansing, and that was a scheduled event of his wartime agendas. When Germany declared war, military troops speedily went to round up and
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The upsurge of violence spilled over to ethnicity and cultures respectively.
The Holocaust advocate racial cleansing and the Nazi never equivocated the reason. The “war” on the undesirables based its legitimacy Anti-Semitism. In this regard, the Aryan radicals orchestrated a theory of racial superiority and selected those who were subhumans, amongst them were Slav, Gypsies, and Jews. The undesirables were homosexuals and mentally disabled . In Hitler’s propaganda, he set out to spread fear and hatred that the inferior races must not be allowed to corrupt the better ones in society. Ethnic cleansing was there necessary. The notorious anti-Semitic persecutions continued until the end of

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