Compare The Oath Of The Horatii And Jacques-Louis David

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Neoclassicism Jacques-Louis David was a neoclassical painter during the French Revolution. Jacques-Louis painted The Oath of the Horatii in 1784 with oil on a canvas. He lived in Rome while painting this art. The Oath of the Horatii was a represented an event from Roman history to enhance the French loyalty and bravery. His painting was symmetrical by aligning the people and walls horizontally while using smooth strokes to not leave evidence of the brushstrokes. The warriors wore Roman uniforms that hung past their knees and a helmet made of metal on their heads. The soldiers saluted their father whom held their swords out in front of them. Two of the women sitting in the painting are in long light colored dresses with wraps around their heads. The other lady is wearing a long dark green dress with a dark green wrap over her head holding two small children. The women and children look sad because the men are getting to go to war. Romanticism Francisco Goya was a Romantic painter in the late 18th century and early 19th century. He painted The Third of May while he was living in Madrid, Spain. The painting was a representation of the…show more content…
He painted The Stone-Breakers in 1849 while living in The Netherlands. His painting was arranged symmetrical and horizontally balanced while using oil paint on a canvas. The textural quality of the art applied was smooth with no proof of brushstrokes. The man that is kneeled down is wearing a cowboy hat with a stripped vest over his long sleeved shirt, slacks, and shoes. He has a long pic to break the stones. The boy is wearing a shirt with a rip in the back with a pair of slacks that are being held up with one suspender and a pair of old black worn shoes. He has a woven basket that is full of small stones from the day’s work. There is another woven basket with straps to the left of the painting and a pan with utensils on the right side that they may have used earlier that day to eat
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