Compare The Personality Theories Of George Kelly And Sigmund Freud

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This essay aims to compare the cognitive and psychoanalytic personality theories of George Kelly (1955) and Sigmund Freud (1917) respectively. Although these two theories, based on personality, differ in the sense that the cognitive theory has many links to humanism and thinking of a person as a whole entity, it does follow and make reference to science, maths and physics which is similar to that of the psychoanalytic theory. It is also worth mentioning that George Kelly (1955) practised the psycho therapeutic theory of Freud’s (1917) before initiating his own cognitive method. In addition, this essay will also discuss what is meant by personality psychology and why, in fact, we study it and why said theories are important when assessing psychological personality disorders.
Personality psychology is the study of a human individual as a whole (Boeree, 2006). When one discusses personality it is important to note that one is discussing what makes a person different from other people. Differences are categorized by a number of factors, including biology, evolution and genetics, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, learning and memory, as well as many different forms of psychology such as psychotherapy (Boeree, 2006). There are many theories regarding personality psychology and what the different aspects of personhood are, these are all based on different methods, experiments and theories. The vast number of theories are directly linked to the lack of scientific

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