Oedipus Vs Sohrab

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Oedipus vs Sohjrab The tale of Sohrab and Oedipus Tyrannus, themes, were comparable from the beginning to the end of each tales. These heroes were both idolize by their people. Both of these characters garnered respect and were held in high regards so much that did not seem human. Sohrab and Tyrannus; both had ironic ending; had their outcome looking them right in the face but due to pride and ignorance, this resulted in them having tragic endings. These stories were tragedies because these heroes ignore the truth. The truth will either set you free in life, cause happiness, destruction or introduce a person to themselves. This is how these two plays played out. These characters learned the hard way; one lost his crown and the other killed…show more content…
Oedipus wanted to find out why he his city and to solved that riddle he had to find out who murdered Laius. Oedipus was told that a stranger killed Laius but he had doubt because a part of him believe that he was the reason for the tragic death of Laius. He accepted the stranger story because Lauis dying at his hands would have major consequences. To save his city from ruin, Oedipus learned that he must exiled the man who killed Laius. One of the prophets tell Oedipus that the killer is brother and father to his own children. Oedipus tells his wife that, at a young age, it was prophesize that he will kill his father and make children with his own mother. The prophets also said that he will kill his father. Oedipus was angered at these accusations and threaten the prophet with death. He utterly disgusted with these accusations that he enters starts to point the finger at everybody but himself. ”Did you plot all of this, or could it be Creon?”2.5 Oedipus blindly ignores the truth and points the finger at everybody else, despite the evidence that are stacked against him. He believes Creon, who is like a brother to him, has conspired to take his crown. Instead of listening to the message he attacked the messenger and become a victim of his own downfall. Oedipus eventually comes to term that he is the reason for the curse of his beloved city. He couldn’t escaped the overwhelming evidence, he became humbled due to the truth and admitted his was the cause of everybody grief. He gouaches out his eyes and resign as the crown
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