Compare The Three Branches Of Government

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The Constitution makes provision to share the governing power among the three branches of our government: Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch. The three branches of government all work together to help and serve our country; without them, the laws of the land cannot be upheld and our country would fall apart. Due to the Separation of Power, all three branches have equal power and control, not one or two would be the leaders. With power comes responsibility. Each branch of the government needs to carefully make the right decisions as they are ultimately representing the country and the people as a whole. Article I of the Confederation is about the Legislative Branch, its purpose is to make laws that would help our country. The Legislative Branch can print money, raise an army, declare war, and control commerce, it is also the only Branch of Government that can create new laws or change existing laws. The Legislative Branch is split into two houses: the Senate and the House of…show more content…
The Executive Branch, unlike any other, has a chief or leader that the people vote for, the President. The President can veto laws or bills, but Congress can still override this veto with a two-thirds majority vote. When the President’s tasks are not carried out, Congress can impeach the President or accuse the President of crimes. If found guilty, the President could have his or her job taken away. According to my Social Studies books, “The President’s main power however, would be to make would be to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.’ If this duty was not carried out, Congress could impeach the President, or accuse the President of crimes. If found guilty the President could be removed from the office.” Without the enforcement of a law, there cannot be accountability under the law, which is essential to a functioning
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