Compare Usher And Skutnik

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Thesis: When life is on the line, a lot of people will go back to animistic forms of dealing with situations. A sort of fight or flight response to the problem at hand, and this can go one of two ways. You act for your own well being, or the well being of others natures other calling. When this happens, people are seen as one of two things, you will be survivors or heroes. So it is no surprise that the "man in the water" became so famous, he chose that he was less important than others, he went into "hero" mode as I like to call it. Putting his own life on the line for everyone else. So did three other men in the story, Donald Usher, Eugene Windsor, and Lenny Skutnik. All of these men showed a magical, animistic something, called selflessness. Putting themselves into danger for the safety of others. This essay brings out the true feelings we have toward, selflessness.…show more content…
This is how the two men Donald Usher and Eugene Windsor saw there selflessness. looking nature in the eyes and saying, I want to be a hero, not a survivor. It was there job, there duty to be so helpful, and show such bravery, it was only a job. This is something different than the normal call of nature to put ones self as a protector of others. This is almost more serious, because there is a profession now for it, a job to be a hero. Never the less, for selflessness is selflessness, no matter why you do it. These men did this all the time, for a paycheck. Risking life and limb so we wouldn't have to hope for a hero. These men were like a hero for hire, not true heroes by nature, but there when needed and always ready to be called upon, but also these men had a different circumstance. For they didn't choose to save life's. No this was there job, they had to do
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