Animal Farm And 1984 George Orwell Analysis

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26 August 2014
Animal Farm and 1984 Novels are a very important part of a society in this time. They often teach the societies about what has happened during the past, the present and the future and they may even inform people about the future just like how George Orwell did. George Orwell was a writer whose work includes the famous novels Animal Farm and 1984. George Orwell is a pseudonym of Eric Blair (1903-1950). Both of these novels circulate around the themes of freedom and equality. Also, the theme, which is absolute power, always corrupts a society. These novels both have to deal with living in a society full of oppression, inequality, inequity and fear. In both of these novels, Animal
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A victim of absolute power was Boxer in Animal Farm while; in 1984 the victim was Parsons. Because both of they characters were extremely loyal to their masters, their lives ended in disaster. Parson was vaporized and never heard of or seen again, while Boxer was sent to the horse slaughter and died there. The theme of absolute power shows how these tyrannical dictators have changed the societies full of hate, inequality and inequity. These tyrannical dictators used their absolute power for the worse and ended up building a terrifying place to live in. Furthermore, a common characteristic between both of…show more content…
In Animal Farm and in 1984, reality is what the leaders of the dystopian societies tell their people are. The people of these oppressed societies believe in whatever their leader says. They believe so because they have not been able to think on their own because their leaders control every aspect of their lives and will control what they believe. So in order to let the people of these societies live in a way that the leaders want, they must not have the chance to start thinking if what the leaders tell them is right or wrong. In 1984, the people who were not in the Party were believing whatever the Party said, so when the Party said that the chocolate ration increased when in fact it was reduced a week before, they believed them because they had no other person to believe. While in Animal Farm, Orwell tried to show the people that the reality of these pigs and other animals was in the hands of the leaders. The animals believed so because when Napoleon who became their leader, and the other pigs kept changing the seven commandments and the people started believing that what they were saying was correct because they had so much faith and trust in their leader that they could not see pass
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