Comparing 1984 And The Kite Runner

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This year in college english I have read a total of 3 books this semester. All of them have very different storylines also they all had their own themes and some of them even share the same things from 1984 to Looking for Alaska and The Kite Runner they all were very good books with their own themes. The main message or theme in 1984 that I think George Orwell was saying was about totalitaristic societies and how bad they can be. The setting in 1984 was in a totalitaristic society in Oceania, the whole book is about Winston and his life in this society, there are many examples of the totalitarianism government throughout the book. For example in Oceana you couldn't choose where you wanted to work the government just assigned people their jobs. Also in 1984’s society you couldn't choose who you would get married to and you couldn’t get a divorce if you hated your spouse, just like Julia and…show more content…
One of the main themes in The Kite Runner is betrayal. This doesn’t occur much in the book but it’s Amir’s main struggles when he was a child. The First one is he witnesses his best friend Hassan being raped by Assef when he went to retrieve his kite. Amir witnessed Hassan get raped and he watched it happen and didn't try to help him one bit. For this reason Amir really struggles with his actions but also it ruined his and Hassan's relationship. Another Theme In The Kite Runner is redemption like I said before Amir struggled with that all the way until his adulthood, when he and his dad moved to california he got a call saying Hassan had died along with his wife and their son sohrab was in a foster home being treated terribly. So Amir went to Afghanistan and got his son out of the foster home, Amir knows that he can never get over what happened to Hassan but he knows that this is a huge step to getting there for
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