Comparing 1984 And William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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George Orwell’s 1984 and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies have both stirred up the critics of their times, being each of their author’s most famous novels. After reading the books I felt they shared a similar tone, however their messages seemed very different. Superficially, that would be a true statement, however after reading beyond what is presented on the pieces of paper that constitute both novels, one would realize a shocking resemblance between the two. 1984 is a pure reflection of a totalitarian dictatorship where people are brainwashed to believe the government is oh so gloriously divine, turning them into no more than followers trapped in a box of ignorance and naivety. However, Lord of the Flies focuses on how one’s innate human evil takes control in times of disorder and chaos. Although these two messages seem different, they carry a lot of similarities which is why I decided to look further into: A comparison of George Orwell and William Golding’s representation of the primal structures of human society in “1984” and “Lord of the Flies” The scope of the essay is limited to these novels however it offers the authors’ ideas and beliefs and reference to secondary sources while critiquing the novels. It also offers primary sources in the form of direct quotations from the novels. The essay concludes that the two novels are similar in their messages and their authors’ beliefs, however they differ in the sense that Lord of the Flies is more superficial than
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