Comparing 9/11 And Pearl Harbor

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How do the attacks on September 11 ,2001 compare to those on December 7,1941? The attacks on September 11 ,2001 compare to those on December 7,1941(pearl harbor) in many ways.For instance 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were both terrorist attacks. The 9/11 attackers hijacked four different planes but only three were successful and for Pearl Harbor the invaders attacked a place very far away which shows that it was definitely not an accident.These two attacks also compare because it was devastating news for the nation.The Pearl Harbor attack killed 2,403 people, destroyed 188 planes, and damaged/destroyed 8 battleships and on 9/11 nearly 3,000 people lost their…show more content…
The attack on 9/11 and Pearl harbor also compare because the attackers came from another country.These are some of the reasons why the attacks on 9/11 and December 7 compare.
2) How do the presidential responses to these two events compare to each
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