Comparing A & P By John Updike's Sadie And Maud

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Have you ever said yes or no to someone? Did you regret or was it worth it? The short story "A&P" by John Updike and the poem "Sadie and Maud" by Gwendolyn Brooks both said no to their call for adventure, and none of them regretted it. My call for adventure was whether I should move or stay in Haiti. I accepted my adventure, and I haven't regretted it yet. In Sammy and Sadie's case, they refuse their call for adventure, and they were both better for it. William James, an American psychologist wrote, "acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortunes." Sammy and Sadie accepted the fact their parents would be disappointed with the choices they made. Like Sammy and Sadie, I would have regretted …show more content…

Sammy took the job, so he can help his family. Throughout the story, you can tell that Sammy is unhappy with his decision to take the job because " he can't remember" if he ringed the costumer's crackers or not. As mentioned before, people sometimes do things that make them unhappy because they want to please someone they love. Sammy took the job at "A&P" because he had to help his family, he was their provider. Towards the end of the story, Sammy made another decision. Sammy made the decision to quit his job even though he knows it will disappoint his parents. This time Sammy made this decision for himself, and he was happy with it. Sammy had another chance to change his mind, but he decided to stick with his decision. Sammy wanted to be different, he didn’t want to be like every man that lived in his small town. Sammy made a call that he knew would disappoint his parents, but now he was happy with himself. Sammy and I have something in common. We both said yes to something to make our parents happy. I said yes to coming to the U.S for my mother, and Sammy said yes to working at A&P for his …show more content…

I was born and raised in Haiti. My mom left us a very young age, and after a few years she asked us to come live with her. Haiti was all I knew, so I was very skeptical about going to this new place mostly because I didn't really know my mother that much. Where I am from, there is not a lot of job opportunities for women. The women either sells things or make clothes for people. Not a lot of people had money to pay for college, so a lot of us were uneducated. I had to make the choice of following my aunt footsteps or do something new. I decided to go to my mom. That didn't mean that I didn't like my life. When I arrived here, knowing no English and having no friends I struggled a lot. I missed Haiti so much, where things were so easy and now I am in this new place struggling. Sometimes I begged my mom to send me back because I didn't understand how thing operates in the U.S. Now, after 9 nine years living in the U.S I didn't regret my decision. In the U.S I have a lot of opportunities than I would have in Haiti. I am a first-generation college student in my family, and I can honestly say that coming to the U.S was the best decision I could have made for myself and my

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