Comparing Achilles And Beowulf's Strengths

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Beowulf is the strongest of the Geats. He also is a monster hunter who seeks out and destroys any monster he can find. Beowulf exemplifies selflessness. For instance, when first hearing of Grendel wreaking havoc on the Danes, Beowulf quickly responds by getting ready to ship to Hrothgar to help him and his people out.
Achilles is the strongest warrior of the Greeks during the Trojan of the Greeks against the people of Troy. His strength is unmatched and can single handedly sway the outcome of a battle. Achilles exemplifies pride and comradery. Achilles doesn’t let Patroclus’ pride be battered by avenging his death, also showing comradery among the friends.
Achilles and Beowulf display super-human strength. Beowulf stood up to Grendel’s unmatched strength and proceeded to grab Grendel’s hand and crush. He then proceeded to show the ultimate strength and tore Grendel’s straight off, causing the death of the beast. Achilles showed off his strength in battle by having masterful accuracy with his spear and the control to not fully penetrate Hector’s windpipe. Achilles was also said to have changed the outcome of battles because he could not be defeated, also being able to kill countless Trojans.
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Beowulf does not fight Grendel for personal gain or only for the glory, but for the people under Hrothgar’s rule that have been killed and harassed. After fighting and killing Grendel, Beowulf displays his selflessness as he decides to help Hrothgar by putting his life on the line again because he chose to kill Grendel’s mother. Achilles is a selfish person completely unlike Beowulf. Achilles is selfish I the sense that he cares only for himself, his pride, and his friend. He fought Hector only because his own feelings were hurt when his friend died. He never fought Hector to help the Greeks out, but rather for the glory and vengeance involved in killing and defiling Hector’s
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