Comparing Act 3, Scene 5 Of Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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he fact that Romeo is in Juliet 's room, his families rival, and he is a wanted fugitive for killing her cousin, also makes this dangerous for him. However, she wants him to stay longer, but Romeo understands the danger, because "more light and light" brings the possibility of capture and death (Act 3, Scene 5). During, Act 3, Scene 5, Romeo seems like he uses rational thought and maturity, by pointing this out to Juliet. Also, in the final scene of Act 3, Juliet forshadows, when she saw Romeo defending her window, by asking Romeo, "Thou art so low," and, "thou looks 't pale," (Act 3, Scene 5). In a way, this for told what would occur later in the play. While, Romeo responded to her, that she was also suffering from love, sadness, and
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