Adversity In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Howard Schultz once said, “In times of adversity and change, we discover who we are and what we are made of.” In life, one starts to realize everything is not always peachy. Sometimes one has to go through patches of thorns before things start to look up, but in the long run difficulties in life turn out to make one stronger person. In the books Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, and Night by Elie Wiesel, two of the main characters are pushed to their limits and beyond. How these men react to their situation is both mesmerizing, and courageous. In the two pieces of literature being strong, love, and death all factor into how each of the characters deals with adversity. Life is a valuable thing, one only gets to live it once, therefore he needs to persevere strongly, and never dwell on the bad. In the book Tuesdays With Morrie, Morrie Schwartz is dealing with a…show more content…
This is a story about a boy during the Holocaust. He is a Jew who gets moves to a concentration camp with his father. In order to stay alive he must work. Work is hard to do in the health that he has, but he has to stay strong for both him and his father. Staying strong is hard from the conditions, but because of his father's love he seems to make it out alive. Love is the key aspect to stay alive at the concentration camp. Everyone who is at these camps is living for someone. Even though Wiesel was weak, and dying of malnutrition, he still worried for his father. This is shown in the quote, “I was thinking of my father. He must have suffered more than I did.” (Wiesel 56). Death was an everyday thing in concentration camps. It was inevitable for some, and people barely grieved anymore. Wiesel knew that if he dwelled on death too much, he would never get out alive, so he was basically numb the entire time. Wiesel obviously lives through the holocaust to tell the story, and with his strength and love, he overcomes
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