Comparing Alexander The Great, Kon-Tiki, And The Four Voyages

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Alexander the Great, Kon-Tiki and The Four Voyages present a common theme of perseverance throughout the books. Alexander’s main goal was to conquer the Persians at first, but then he to carried away and expanded to Asia. All of these books portray a desire to accomplish their goal: Alexander’s goal was to conquer Asia using different techniques, Christopher Columbus’ goal was to arrive in Asia and collect spices to take back to the Spanish crown, but he ended up being distracted with gold in the land he thought was the West Indies and Kon-Tiki’s goal was to prove his theory that people crossed the Pacific in a raft to get to the Polynesian Islands was correct. In the text Alexander the Great by Arrian, Alexander is portrayed as a hero…show more content…
Columbus ended up changing his goal and eventually colonized a great part of the island of the Caribbean. If Columbus did not have perseverance he could have easily given up and go back to Spain. Even though Alexander died from an illness he still managed to be Great throughout his reign. He conquered a huge part of the Eastern world because of his perseverance. If Alexander was not determined to keep going he could have just gotten revenge from Persia and gone back to his kingdom, but a yen pushed him to keep going and little by little he conquered a big part of Asia. Even though Heyerdahl did not conquer countries, his own perseverance made him prove his theory to scientists and people who disagreed with his theory. If Alexander did not conquer most of the land he probably could have lived longer. If Columbus was not determined to find a new route to the Indies then who knows what could have happened to the Western part of the globe? If Heyerdahl stopped caring about his theory when people told him it was impossible and changed his mind, he could have learned other things during his time. All these men had a lot of determination to accomplish their goals and they did, without perseverance they could not have done what they
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