Comparing Alfred Hitchcock's Life And Film

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Alfred Hitchcock’s early life was filled with cinema and directors. He was born in London in 1899. As a young man he was very independent and went to movies and plays by himself, according to Senses of Cinema. As soon as he finished school he worked in cinema and made a name for himself directing thrillers. Hitchcock eventually became the highest paid director in England. He worked with his wife Alma Hitchcock, who he married in 1926. Alma was also in the film business and worked with her husband on most of his films. They had one child, Pat, who was in a handful of his films, and later became a director herself.
Although his career was great in England, he became legendary in Hollywood. In 1939 Hitchcock decided to leave Europe and go to America. According to he was immediately successful in Hollywood, where
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He was a trailblazer for his time, making history in his movies. In his most famous film, Psycho, he crossed some lines that had never been crossed before in television history. This movie featured a “transvestite” killer, grotesque stabbings, and an intense death of the main character in the first thirty minutes of the movie. Many people believed his movie was too risqué or improper at the time. According to The Alfred Hitchcock Wiki, Psycho was the first movie to show things such as a toilet flushing and no movie had seen stabbings as detailed as Psycho. Hitchcock was very involved in his work and very creative. He used chocolate syrup for fake blood, although he went a little too far sometimes, for instance he threw real dead birds at an actress for a scene, without telling her they were not just props in his famous film The Birds. Hitchcock was also known for having cameos in his own movies, meaning he himself would have a small roll or just be in the background in a scene. As the “Master of Suspense” Hitchcock kept his audience on the edges of their seats with all of his

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