Comparing Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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Amazing Ancient Civilizations Whenever one considers amazing ancient civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia may come to mind. Egypt is known for their architecture, hieroglyphics, gods, and Pharaohs. Mesopotamia was one of the early civilizations that constructed cities, advanced farming, and created and enforced the first law code. Both blossomed into successful realms that exchanged revolutionary ideas. These cultures were important because of the power and influence they had on western advancements and the world today. Egypt and Mesopotamia demonstrated cultural achievements through government, religious beliefs, and society through shared similar ideas, but maintained their unique identity. In terms of government, Egypt and Mesopotamia employed theocracies, meaning that they were overseen by a ruler considered both a human and a god. Although the king was above his human subjects and communicated with other gods, he was not immune to death. However, the gods were relatively opposites, with the Egyptian gods having equality with the king and Mesopotamian gods exercising authority over their king. Thus, according to the personality of the deities they served, each king related…show more content…
They enjoyed the mutual benefits of a symbiotic relationship in how they developed government, agriculture, engineering, religious beliefs, and ways of life. Today, even we remain influenced by the developments in agriculture of both the Mesopotamians and Egyptians. We owe it to these ancient cultures for the inventions they fashioned, which lead to later innovations that we use in our time. We couldn’t imagine a world without the advancements we take for granted. Truly, if they were able to influence today’s culture after all this time, it can be said that they were definitely great

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