Comparing And Contrast Between Daphne De Maurier's 'Rebecca'

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Rebecca: Comparison and Contrast between the Novel and the Film Daphne de Maurier’s novel Rebecca (1938), later adapted by A.S.M.Ronaldson, tell us a psychological thriller and mystery story about a handsome man he is called Maxim de Winter. He is marry to Rebecca due to he loves about her that how much she is lovely and intelligent a lady. Over the year, he realizes the wrong decision he is taken on, then he fixes it by killing her and sink the body also he travels to forget. While he is in the Monte Carlo he fell in love with his new wife. After slight happy weeks, they turn back to Manderley. Since they arrive the facts begin to appear to Madam de Winter. One day, Madam de Winter institutes a party and she wears dress proposal of Mrs. Danvers the housekeeper. She thinks like a devil because she is very loyal to Rebecca and she hates her for trying to take Rebecca's place. So she deliberately creates a problem between the couple because she knows how much Maxim hates this dress but a shock is happening. Maxim confesses to Madam de Winter that he is killing Rebecca because he is living…show more content…
Danverse character and the attitude of Madam de Winter. The differences are around the connection between Madam de Winter and Mrs. Van Hopper, the order of events and how the story ends. I like the novel because the good fiction is exiting and heartbreaking also the good fiction develops your imagination like no other art form but I like to watch the movie because I can see the story faster with less effort in addition to that visually movies are more appealing and you can enjoy with some foods. I suggest the people who love thrillers and mystery films to watch it because it has a high rate of suspense and excitement. I prefer to read the novel first then watch the movie to see if I understand the story correctly as well as the reading is another kind of
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