Comparing Snow White And The Grimm Brothers

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There are two tales to the story Snow White, the popular one is the untroubled child’s version, and the lesser know one, said to be the original, the Grimm brothers take on Snow White. In both stories that have a cheerful ending, but how they get there is differs in may ways. The Grimm brothers had a darker take on this story, they said that Snow White killed her stepmother and was not woken up by true loves kiss, but by a fortunate accident that the apple was knocked out. Where in the other story it was true loves first kiss, and her up and her stepmother was taken out my mother nature. Snow White, a story known by almost everyone, but what most people son’t know that there is an original that isn 't the ideal fair tale. The evil stepmother,…show more content…
In one story when Snow White first gets to their cottage she find 's its extremely mess, but the other story says they are neat having custom things for each dwarf. In each story they came home from mining and found Snow White and immediately decided to help her. They protected her and when they thought she died, they didn 't bury her, but put her in a glass casket in and opening in the forest. The dwarves only had small differences and lots of similarities. How Snow White was put into her deep sleep is not the same, but has one key similarity. The Grimm brothers had multiple attempts to kill her, a comb, laces, a half poisoned apple. The apple is in both stories, but in the Grimm brothers only half of it is poised so that the stepmother can eat half to show that it’s not poisoned. To save Snow White the apple had to be removed from her throat, and there are two ways this is said to have happened. One was true loves first kiss, the prince found her in the forest and just had to kiss her which somehow got the apple out of her throat. Different from that would be the prince found her in the forest and had to take her body back with him, when he did that the casket was bumped and the apple fell out of her mouth waking her up. No matter what to save Snow White the apple had to be removed, but how it happens doesn 't line up in the
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