Comparing Anthem And V For Vendetta

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V said, " People shouldn 't be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." V for Vendetta and Anthem are both very intriguing stories full of symbolism. V for Vendetta mainly deals with a group of people filled with disbelief towards their media and eventually adopt the idea of taking down the government. Anthem is about a man, Equality 7-2521 escaping his government. This government is very much the opposite. Everyone is very blind and obedient in Anthem. Despite following different ideas, the book and movie possess many similarities. Where both stories create symbolism and a corrupt government, Rand promotes individuality, but Moore promotes unity as a means to seek change. In the book Anthem, every…show more content…
In Equality’s world, the setup is like mini governments within the Government. There are many councils. The Council of Scholars, The World Council, The Council of Vocations. "The Council" is the one that punishes Equality. In V for Vendetta, the council is made up of 5 men and The Chancellor of Norsefire. Chancellor makes all of the decisions, more specifically how the media perceives each and every incident. The 5 men below him make sure his commands are met, or they lose their job and will most likely be black-bagged for knowing too much. The book and movie handle punishment differently. The society in Anthem is punished by a whipping from the government and imprisonment. If V’s government discovers you have been spreading disbelief, promoting freedom and rebelling, The Secret Police will find you. They will hurt you, put a black bag over your head and take you away. “it’s like those black bags erased them from the face od the earth” as Evey put it. Each government body also has a prison. Equality 's is public, the Palace of Corrective Detention. If a whipping wasn 't enough for your crime, you are also imprisoned. The doors are old, the locks are rusty. This is because almost nobody wished to obey The Council, certainly not twice. Lark Hill is a private building for political prisoners. V was at Lark Hill to be exterminated, likely for knowing too much about the government. There is a huge fire and almost everyone dies, except V and Delia. V targets Delia later on in the movie for torturing V at Lark
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