Comparing Asagai's A Raisin In The Sun

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Stephen King a famous Author,once said,”Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” Truly, apples and oranges taste completely different just like books and movies. Although the book or the movie might give you more understanding. Just like the raisin in the sun the book and movie are completely different. The movie A Raisin in the Sun is better than the book because it has better understanding of scenes and other big problems.
Asigai appears in the book and the movie, as a tutor and as someone who likes Beneatha. In the book Asagai come across more gentlemen like, but in the movie he comes across flirtatious. Many people would agree Asagai is more friendly and caring in the book. Thus, …show more content…

Yet in the movie we got to see them at their jobs, Green Hat, and at the new house. It gives the meaning of some of the scenes more depth. The change of settings changes the reader’s and watcher’s perspectives. For instance, in the beginning of the movie we got to see Mama at her job as a nanny. That scene showed how the Youngers worked, how they were treated and how they felt about their jobs. Moreover, in the book Mama opened her presents at their apartment, however in the movie Mama opened her presents in their new backyard at their new house. This experience showed how excited to live in a house and not an apartment.Even though there was a Green Hat in the book and in the movie. For example, in the movie when Walter was drunk and Mama went to go get him from the Green Hat the viewers got to see the how depressed Walter was when he did not get the money. In the scene when Mama stated, ”You will follow me out of here right now.” The bar was a dark and loud place, many people would agree that when you see a place in a movie dark and loud it shows depression and regret. While the the settings in the book and the movie differ the movie give the scenes some more meaning. The characters change in a good way and the attitudes of the characters are better. Once again there is another difference between the book and the movie. Such as the racism in the movie racism is emphasized more than the book. In particular,

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