Comparing Ashputtle And Walt Disney's Cinderella

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To understand the similarities between the stories of Ashputtle and Walt Disney’s Cinderella one must know the stories first. Ashputtle, the story of a young girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. Her only friend is a dove that sits in the tree above her mother’s grave. One day, an announcement is made that a gala will be held for three nights so that the prince can pick a wife. Ashputtle’s stepmother refuses to allow her to go until she has done several impossible tasks. Although Ashputtle completes them with no difficulty she is still left behind. Ashputtle turns for help to the dove, who drops her an exquisite dress, so that she can attend the gala and meet the prince. When she gets to the gala she meets the prince and they fall in love while dancing.…show more content…
Seeing her sad her friends the mice and the birds lend a hand in making her a beautiful dress. When the evil stepsisters see the dress they tear apart on the evening of the gala. After the stepsister and stepmother leave for the gala Cinderella starts to weep about her missed chance to meet the prince. Then suddenly a fairy godmother appears and talks to Cinderella, and finds out her whole story and decides to help her. She uses her magic to get Cinderella a new beautiful gown, glass slippers, and transportation to the ball. Just before Cinderella leaves the fairy godmother warns her to return home by twelve o’clock before all of Cinderella’s new stuff will turn back to their original form. She hurries to the gala and meets the prince. They dance all night and fall in love with each other, but then she realized its midnight and she runs home losing a glass slipper on the way. The prince chases her to a point and finds her slipper. He decides that the girl who the slipper fit perfectly on is his true love that ran away. The next day the prince wanders all over the kingdom asking every maiden to try on the
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