Comparing Awakening And Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun Tristin Jones English 10 10/08/15 Mr. Greenwood Raisin in the Sun Karl Lindner tries to convince the Youngers not to move into the all-white neighborhood by offering a bribe. Mr. Lindner offers them money to stay in the black community. Mr. Lindner has good intensions. He worries about their safety and being accepted into the white neighborhood. During the same timeframe, Martin Luther King Jr. gave several speeches speaking to the disparities between the black communities and the white communities. He also explains that even today, African Americans are treated in an unequal fashion of some sort. Walter Younger is beginning to see the same things, he explains, Walter Younger made a bad investment decision,…show more content…
King and Hansberry presented the racial tensions between the influence and the authority mainstream to expose the limits of an unequal and racist American society. It is proven in both texts that inequality and discrimination that African Americans face, negatively impacts their thoughts, feelings, and domestic relationships with one another. Finally, King and Hansberry reveal that it is human to dream. The influences that the African American community struggle with daily, such racial discrimination, hinders the ability to fulfill their dreams. In response to that he, Mr. King, expresses his desire for all people to be to be seen as individuals and how that individual conducts himself. This aides in living in a non-racial society in the future. Dr. King and Author Hansberry reveal two very important points. First point, discrimination is alive and well. Then and now, people are judged on the way they look, the color of their skin, even though some may attempt to disregard this fact. Second, there is disparity between the black community and white community. People’s experiences, life situations, influence their outcomes, some more so than
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