Comparing Benjamin Franklin And Wheelwright

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Benjamin Franklin and Ester Wheelwright lived similar and different lives. They lived similar lives in the form that they learned many languages and experience great growth and education in life. They differed in the ways they experienced that growth, this is due to how they grew up, and their genders. Their growth in status, and education in language and life helped them get to the places in life that they desired to be, and live for such a long time. I want to explore and talk about their lives, and how their experiences based on their paths, gender, and even religion educated them and made them the influential people they are considered today. Franklin was born into a not so wealthy family. However, he was still educated, and his father wanted him to become a priest. Franklin didn’t want that and eventually his father realized this. Franklin eventually went to a printing press and wrote. He invented many things in life, and learned many languages based off his experiences. He was influential in many political…show more content…
Franklin is considered a successful man because he worked his way from poor to a great journalist, public affair man, and even a political person. He was able to accomplish them through a series of experiences as a male, without the need of religion. While Wheelwright is the successful woman she is considered today because of the languages she learned, the cultures she was apart of and the nun she became. Which is something that women in that day and age could never experience as just a female, and she experienced it because of religion and war. Both influential individuals lived lives that are considered outstanding and influential during their time of existence, and those experiences helped them outline life in that time and the boundaries
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