Comparing Beowulf And Becket

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The movie Becket is a film that tests loyalty and friendship. The movies take place during the Medieval or Middle ages in England , under the rule of King Henry II. Becket started off as King Henry’s II court facilitator. Gradually through time they created a close friendship. Despite their King Henry II social status , they remained friends. Friendship and honor was tested throughout Beckett .This movie shows how two friends clash from different beliefs.

At the beginning of the movie King Henry II is weeping over Becket’s tomb. Then the movie shifts to earlier moments before Becket was killed. Becket is an anglo saxon , he is loyal and strong just like Beowulf was in Beowulf . Those qualities are what King Henry II favored about Becket. King HenryII positioned Becket as the Lord Chancellor because he stayed by the King’s side throughout it all. Becket offered King Henry II guidance and or direction for his any
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“ Whose honor is greater than the King’s? “ ( Henry II) . King Henry II and Becket friendship came to an end when King Henry constituted that anybody found guilty would be punished. Beckett felt that the rule was absurd and fled England for six years. King Henry II even spoke to his men about killing Beckett if he ever returned . When Beckett was comfortable to go back into England , he asks for King Louis to set a meeting with Henry on a beach in Normandy. Henry asks does he still love him and Beckets replied that he still loved him. Beckett first place he went was Canterbury , little did he know his life was ending soon. Henry’s men heard the news that Beckett was in England and fled to his location. The men killed Beckett without no remorse. King Henry hears the news and immediately feels guilty. His men killed Beckett thinking thats what the King’s desired. King Henry goes to Beckett tomb and penance. He feels sorry and self punish himself for the way he acted toward

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